Chapter 49.1

The mother had a grim look on her face. “What is he thinking…!” she exclaimed. “I haven’t seen him since this morning. He’s not going around the palace, is he? Oh, heavens!”

“Wouldn’t it be better to send him back to the territory first? Schway might not be suitable for brother; maybe he isn’t cut out for a big city,” I offered helpfully.

“It’s difficult to access advanced research in Wishburn, so I left him to look around and buy as many books as he wanted. I should talk to him and ask what’s inside that mind of his. The Princess had no plans to visit Glouster, did she?”

“But she still came,” I replied, earning a barely concealed scowl from mother, “She didn’t even get an invitation.”

‘How dumbfounding,’ I thought with amazement. ‘How exactly did they even educate her. Even rudeness has its limits.’ 

While my mom was muttering, I rattled on the mistakes and wrongdoings of my brother Aaron. When we got home, mom was so mad that she decided to send my brother back to Wishburn tomorrow. 

I felt satisfied. That’s one problem solved. I think things would be much better without Aaron; I’m not able to worry about many, different things at the same time, since my concentration isn’t that good. Feeling proud of myself, I got off the carriage and followed my mother into the house.


After several days of observing, it was clear that none of the nobles were genuinely afraid of this murder. They were, however, pretending to be scared and yet having fun at it. They competed to see who enjoyed this ‘fashion’ better – hiring escorts, dragging them and their servants out and about, calling people to their homes to show off their new security measures, which, at best, were bells placed all over the house that rang when a door was opened.

The capital guards guarding the Teresa district also showed no enthusiasm. Although they patrolled diligently every hour, they seemed to be just taking a stroll. It was understandable. The mansions were guarded by private soldiers hired by the nobles, and all the nobles were accompanied by bodyguards when they were out. They had no reason to seriously patrol; there aren’t many people who can become victims.

Of course, there are poor people even among the nobles. But the guards didn’t pay much attention to them either. Patrols don’t mean anything anyway, the killer can easily avoid them. Worse, it vaguely instills the idea of being safe. I think that if we want to know something about the criminal, one more person will have to die. It doesn’t matter who dies, granted it must not be from our house, but it wasn’t particularly pleasant to wait for a long time. Besides, something happened that made me forget about the murder case for a while. Aaron dropped a bomb on us.

“I decided to enter the palace,” Aaron announced while having dinner. We all looked at my brother.

“What do you mean? Did someone call you?” Father asked, genuinely bewildered. Aaron glanced at father and mother, put down his fork, leaned back in the chair and answered.

“I went to the academy and heard that the royal palace needed a teacher for the princess. A young person who has knowledge of the overall situation of the country, history, diplomacy, and future directions, and who can talk to and discuss them with the Princess,” he said.

“It seems more of a job as a secretary than a teacher,” Alex pointed out. Aaron’s face heated up a little, but he didn’t deny it.

In the first place, no matter how smart and intelligent Aaron was, there was no way he was smarter than the bonafide researchers at the Academy. It is, of course, the task of academic researchers to teach the royal family; the academy is supposed to pick the most suitable person for the role and send him to the royal palace. So this was by no means about being a ‘teacher’.

The secretary has the role of assisting and consulting with the affairs of the royal family, or more precisely, the king, queen, or heir to the throne. One can become a secretary regardless of gender, and by the time the heir becomes a king, there is bound to be a secretariat made up of several people. Sometimes, he becomes more than a secretary and even acts as a… so-called companion,who goes out together with the royal family to drink, play, hunt, etc. 

In other words, it’s like being the royal family’s close person. Initially, it’s natural to choose someone from the same gender. After all, even if you’re a good partner, one can’t just casually talk about things privy to the other gender. But now Aaron was saying he intends to become the princess’s first secretary. Mother and father looked at each other having grasped the meaning,  while Alex and I looked at each other. I don’t know if he’s raising or lowering his level now.



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