Chapter 49.2

“The late King also had male secretaries around him all the time. This isn’t particularly strange,” Aaron reasoned when the table was still silent. 

“Did you tell us that it was a teacher’s position knowing that it’s a secretarial position for the princess?” Father said slowly and calmly. Oh, father’s angry. He doesn’t get angry often, but the angrier he was, the calmer he gets. 

Aaron took a short sigh and scratched his head. “If I had said that it was a secretary position from the beginning, you would have thought strangely. Just like now,” he said. 

“Then did you think that we would hear that clumsy explanation and say that it’s great that you became the Princess’s teacher?” 

 Aaron’s face flushed again. “Of course not, but – ”

“I really wonder why you said you were going to be a teacher while hiding the fact that you wanted to work as a secretary. If you thought you had to hide it, that means you’re ashamed of it. Why are you trying to do something you are ashamed of?”

I must have said many times that Aaron is a scholarly person who pursues logic and reason. Where did that character come from? It must have come from either mother or father. But to be precise, it came from my father’s side. Of course, mother is also an intelligent person, but it does not come from a logical basis. Father, with much more experience, has a much higher edge in the fight now. My brother Alex and I watched without interrupting, as if we were watching a fun show. Mother simply frowned and looked at her second son.

“I am not ashamed of it,” Aaron heatedly replied. “It’s because I know other people will look at me with… strange looks. Everyone thinks that above all, the secretary must be of the same gender.”

“Other people might think so. But we’re your family. Why did you have to tell it like that?” Father didn’t soften one bit. 

“That’s……” Aaron bit his lip, clenched his teeth, bit his lip again, and finally, he lowered his gaze and murmured, “Everyone thinks badly about the Princess because of the incident at the royal party. Even the princess can make a mistake. Even if it’s a big mistake, it’s not something to casually frown upon.”

Father raised his eyebrows. “Nobody ever said anything bad about the Princess. Alex, Alice, did you talk badly about the princess?” Father asked.

“No.” We said at the same time. Brother Aaron turned to us, his eyes flashed and he pointed his finger at us.

“You did! Even in the Glouster estate, you said that the Princess’ tasting maid died from an accident-”

Father cut Aaron off. “I also heard from the royal palace that it was an accident. Was there any other evidence?” Father asked. 

Aaron looked at us, a triumphant look on his face. “It is said that the Princess’ tasting maid was looking into the Grand Duke’s affairs,” he told father. 

I tried to hide my surprise. How did he know? Did the princess say it herself?

“Looking into Grand Duke? About what?” Father was now frowning. 

Aaron fervently said, “To prove that the Grand Duke is plotting against the royal family. Her Majesty and the Princess have known for a long time that the Grand Duke has a grudge against the royal family, but there is no way to prove it. So she took the opportunity to visit the Glouster estate and tried to investigate. So it’s clear that the Grand Duke, who noticed this, killed the tasting maid.”

Mother’s face was now stiff. Father folded his hands, and seriously looked at Aaron, “Where did you hear that?”

“Of course, I heard it directly from the Princess,” Aaron answered. “At the Glouster estate after that incident! The princess was suspicious of the Grand Duke, but there was no way to prove it.”

“Right… You said that there was no evidence to prove it, right?” 

At father’s tone, my brother placed his hands on the table and said, “There’s no way someone like the Grand Duke would leave any evidence. Furthermore at his own estate. The Princess was in danger!”

“Shall I point out that the Princess has never been formally invited there?” I intervened. Aaron looked at me like he was shooting lasers from his eyes. Yeah, laser. I know there’s no such thing here, but the look he’s giving me now can’t be compared to anything except the laser from Superman’s eyes.

“It’s also suspicious that the Grand Duke invited the young nobles and didn’t send an invitation to the Princess. If it’s a place for young nobles, shouldn’t it be necessary to invite the Princess so that she can interact with them? That is the duty of the Grand Duke,” Aaron argued. 

“You mean that the role of being the Princess’ social secretary was also the duty of the Grand Duke? I didn’t know that,” I said. “Weren’t all thet Grand Dukes of Glouster never involved in the affairs of the royal family?”

“Then he shouldn’t have even called people to the Glouster estate in the first place! If he invited people, he should have also invited the princess to show them that he isn’t not going to form a faction. That’s what a Grand Duke with common sense would do. Don’t you see how suspicious the whole situation is?!”

“I really can’t see it. So the Princess came running all the way from… Schway for the purpose of not making the Grand Duke look ignorant? That’s amazing! She is incredibly generous…. Oh, did you mention that she was there to investigate and find evidence of a conspiracy? It doesn’t make sense, does it?” 

How the hell is the princess able to make him an idiot? Who else would fall for a story like that? Moreover, why is he following such conspiracies that don’t even make sense? Even the Bible makes more sense! Did he eat something? Suddenly, Aaron picked up the knife on the meat plate, slammed it on the table and stared at me.

“If you insult the princess, I will not let it go,” he suddenly said. 

Father and Mother both cried out in surprised voices, but Aaron didn’t seem to hear it. I ignored Alex, who had placed his hand on my arm as if telling me to stop. 

I stared  at Aaron, and said, “What are you going to do about it?”

The knife flew towards me.



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