Chapter 51.2

What was I thinking a while ago? Suddenly he couldn’t remember. His heavy breathing slowly subsided. He looked back at the shadow. As his eyes grew accustomed to the darkness, he saw Alice’s petite figure, slowly climbing over his chest.

“Alice? What are you doing here – “ Aaron closed his mouth as soon as a cold thing touched his neck. Although he didn’t like the life of a knight, he knew very well what the feeling of a sword was. The cold, sharp blade was pressed precisely to the pulsing point on the nape of his neck. Just a little movement would cut that part. 

He couldn’t even speak. Slowly, the events of this evening came to mind. His anger, a meat knife, Alice with a scar on her cheek, and the cold, cold eyes of her younger sister who looked at him. That had happened. He remained motionless. Alice lowered her head a little more and said softly as if she were content with his silence.

“You can point a knife at me. Aiming doesn’t do any harm. You can hold a knife out of fear; you can raise a knife to express your anger, but once you wield it, that becomes a different story…”

That was a mistake! He wanted to say that. I really didn’t mean to throw it. Nothing was on my mind, to be exact. The knife just flew out of his hand, cutting Alice’s face, slammed into a wall and cluttered to the floor. His father shouted, his brother jumped up and stood in front of Alice. That’s when I came to my senses. He trembled for a moment at the thought of what he had done. But even if he opened his mouth, he couldn’t say anything because the knife would pierce his neck and hurt him irrevocably.

“Did you think I’d let you go after throwing a knife at me? Did you think I’d just forget because you’re my brother? Because we’re family, because we love each other, do you think everything will be allowed?” Alice quietly snarled.  “That’s not true. Love gets broken and disappears. Remember what I said. Next time, it won’t just end with a warning like this. Next time.. I’ll just slash it – ” she pressed the knife with the barest of pressure “ – while you are sleeping. Do you understand?”

The knife tapped him on the neck. It was light, but it was an eerie sensation. No, what was creepier was his sister’s eyes looking down at him. They seemed to shine in the darkness, like the eyes of a predator watching its prey.

He felt no weight from Alice; she was on top of him but she wasn’t sitting on him. The next instant, she jumped from the bed. Even her feet were barely audible as she landed. He couldn’t tell if it was because of the rug on the floor or because she was light. 

Josh. His heart suddenly sank. What happened to Josh, who was supposed to be sleeping with him?

“Josh will wake up in a little while if you leave him alone. He will probably not know what happened. Because he was sleeping.” Alice spoke softly, opened the door and went out. 

It took some time for him to be sure that Alice had indeed gone because there was no sound of the door closing. Aaron finally sat up and put his arms on his knees. He lowered his head. A sigh came out of its own accord. He couldn’t tell whether it was a sigh of relief or a sigh from another reason.

What just happened? HOw could I throw a knife at my younger sister…? Whatever Alice said about Princess, it was not in his character to throw a knife in anger. No, there’s no excuse for doing that to anyone. Unless he was doing it to catch an extremely dangerous criminal… but it was his sister. It doesn’t make sense.

Why did I do that? Why was I so mad? Something was strange. The more he was with the princess, the more confusing the reality became. Something else kept coming into his mind. It was as if the words the princess had said at the royal party were stuck in his head and turned his sense of reality into something else. And there was also the problem with Alice.

In Glouster, the princess kept hinting that Alice wasn’t the little sister he knew, that something had changed. At first, he didn’t understand that. He has seen Alice for 15 years. A coy, stubborn, sometimes illogical youngest. However, Alice always loved and put her family first. When he was scolded by his parents, angry Aaron sometimes thought of leaving home and going to the big city to find a job alone, but when Alice heard that, her eyes had widened and she said:

‘You are leaving the house? Why? Our house is so nice. Motherand Father are so good. When you leave the house, Mother and Father won’t be there. Would you still be okay?’ 

Looking back, it was the words of a child, yet it held so much wisdom. They were important words. Your parents won’t be with you if you venture out into the outside world. It was a clear fact. But one other thing that was true is that Alice had changed. Ever since the Gerald Eastbay incident. The time when Alice talked about her past life.



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