Chapter 52.1

He thought it was like a momentary stroke of insanity. Even if it was for her brothers, he thought only a person driven to insanity could kill people and get  old Alice had come back. But maybe that wasn’t the case. Perhaps Alice had become unhinged at that time. Considering what happened, it was probable. 

‘How did Princess know? Does she have the ability to see the future? Then, as the Princess had said, will Alice and the Grand Duke conspire to overthrow the royal family?’ he pondered, “But if Alice is crazy, then why is she hanging out with Alex these days? Does he know something I don’t know? Does he know something but he isn’t telling me or maybe… Are all my family members on the Grand Duke’s side because he is a closer relative? Even though there is a legitimate heir to the throne? He got goosebumps and felt his injured knee throbbing again. ‘That can’t be true. I should have gotten better.’

The whole thing was suspicious. He thought perhaps his parents would send him back to Wishburn tomorrow to keep him away from the princess. ‘To eliminate the princess?’ His breath became ragged again. The Princess must ascend the throne! That was natural

‘I will do anything to protect her! The Princess was the same age as my deceased sister. At the same age, she took on the heavy responsibility of defending the throne alone.’ Then his mind shifted, finding fault in his words, ‘No… no! Alice isn’t dead!’ 

His heart beat erratically. Maybe it was him who had gone crazy! Aaron struggled to stay sane, clutching the blanket in his hand, trying not to sink completely into the contrasting realities before him.


Three weeks after returning home, there was no progress in the murder case. As people were tired of carrying guards around, the number of people walking alone had begun to increase once more. In the beginning, I received many letters saying they wanted to visit, and this time, the number of letters has increased. New invitations to parties also continued to fly in. Simply put, the situation has completely returned back to the pre-murder incident; no one brought up the story of the dead countess anymore. A tragedy is only the subject of gossip, unless it happened to you. I know that better than anyone.

The next day, Aaron received mother’s permission and went and came back from the palace with a surprised, perhaps, puzzled expression on his face. And the next day, he packed up and went to the palace. He said that he would get a room in the palace, live there, and only come home on the weekends. None of us asked the reason. Well, he will have to take care of himself. If Mother and Father blame themselves for raising their child wrong, they can make him return before things get worse and lock him in Wishburn.

No, would it be better to kill the princess? I don’t want to do that if possible because there are so many things to clean up afterward. Besides, if I kill the princess, the next heir to the throne will become that man, and there is no way that he will accept it quietly. Maybe that’s why he hasn’t killed the princess until now. I mean, he would already have killed her if he wanted to.

“Lady, Hugo Duplo of Ayble County has come to visit.” Oh, Hugo! I closed the book at Amy’s words and left the room.

In the first week of the past three weeks, I have been busy replying to invitations and letters asking for permission to visit, and over the next two weeks, I have been receiving visitors and attending the tea parties my mother had carefully selected. Visitors sometimes came in groups of two. They said it was to ‘soften’ the mood because coming alone felt too serious. Usually, brothers and sisters came together, and if they didn’t have sisters, they brought their mother along and drank tea with my mother.

Is this what you call a blind date? It’s unfamiliar. Since I didn’t have much to say anyway, time passed by quickly when I talked about women’s clothes and accessories and responded appropriately to what men were saying. Every once in a while I threw out one or two of my interests, but naturally few people responded to it.

Right, what kind of aristocrat would be interested in botany, especially medicine? Rather, it was the women who had more interests in these topics. This is because, if you have simple pharmaceutical knowledge, you can solve the problem yourself to some extent without calling an expensive therapist or buying medicine. Knowledge is money here. I’ve arranged in my head that I’ll only meet people who can talk about medicine next time.



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