Chapter 53.1

“You met Ethan at the royal party? I’ve never heard of that before,” Hugo said.

“He was drunk. I don’t spend much time with people who drink alcohol to the point of becoming insensible,” I bluntly said. If I had to spend a long time with such kinds of people, I might be driven to kill them.

Fortunately, it’s unlikely to meet such a person. In the Wishburn estate, if a drunk commits a fiasco, he is immediately imprisoned. When he is sober, he has to pay a fine for the crime, including the surcharge for the alcohol. Thanks to that, there are only a few people in Wishburn estate who get too drunk. Other than that, there was the occasional loud singing (which, by the way, isn’t a crime. The houses are far away from each other anyway.)

Penelope giggled again. “You hit the nail on the head. But I think he’ll be better now that he’s with the princess,” she said. She turned to her brother. “Hugo is a good kid. He will inherit all the fortune of the Duke of Able, even if it isn’t very much. He isn’t a bad marriage partner.”

“Sister, please…” Hugo murmured, glaring quietly at his sister.

I laughed. “Don’t worry, Lord Hugo. All sisters are like this. If I have to talk about my brothers, it’ll be the same. We feel obligated to pair them with a good partner. Brothers are unreliable by themselves.”

“Viscount Wishburn? This is the first time I’ve ever heard of the Viscount being unreliable. No matter where I go, people say that he is a much more serious and knowledgeable person than his age.” Hugo frowned and said.

I looked at Penelope and smiled with a sense of sympathy. “All sisters are like that. I’m certain Sir Hugo doesn’t also want to be fussed over as someone who can’t take care of himself.”

Hugo’s face flushed at my words.

As if adding fuel to the fire, Penelope agreed. “That’s right,” she nodded. “When it comes to women, I have nothing to say. He already turned twenty-five and yet…”

‘Twenty-five? Then he’s even older than that person,’ I thought.

“We siblings have a rather large age gap. I’m twenty-nine.” Penelope said with a smile, as if she had taken my surprised expression in a different way. Well, maybe I’m a little bit rusty at determining someone else’s age. Hugo only looks like he’s in his early twenties to me. Of course, I thought he could be more than that, but how is this person older than that person? Even just a year gap felt too much!

I managed to swallow the shock and said, “Then I can understand your sister’s concern. Because you are already past the age of marriage.”

Hugo’s cheeks to the tips of his ears turned aflame. He lowered his head, avoiding my gaze. “Actually, it’s shameless for me to be courting Lady Alice, who just debuted. But Lady Alice is the only woman who has captured my attention in a long time and showed me her generosity,” he mumbled.

Ah, I understand. We are ten years apart. It’s difficult to remember my age gap with other people. Moreover, there’s no way I can remember the fact that the immature princess and I are the same age. I wish someone would tell me I’m not that immature.

“I don’t know if age is so important. Not everyone is mature just because they are old.”

I am not ignoring the importance of experience in life. I only meant that experience can be different from any age. Is a 20-year-old who has lots of life experiences be more mature than a 30-year-old who has experienced less? There is no answer. I have 28 years of experience. Meanwhile, that person has 45 more years’ worth of experience and in this new life, 24 years more.  He had been tortured by assassins, sacrificed by his own mother and hated by his older brother.

I paused. I should stop thinking about that guy. Did I even know how much that man thought of me? He certainly would not have me in his thoughts. Why would he even think about me? To that man, I already belong to him. I gritted my teeth. That confident attitude is infuriating! I may have been clinging to him in the previous life, but now I am a girl from a noble family with many options! That’s right, he should court me a little more, express his feelings and grovel at my feet.

Ahhh, courting… Didn’t Hugo say that a while ago? I turned to him. Was this guy also courting me now and not looking for friendship? I almost slapped my forehead. Oh, you stupid idiot. Hugo’s courting me! I realized, to my chagrin, that no man would visit a woman so eagerly for no reason… Moreover, He didn’t hide that he liked me. In order to sit next to me in the Glouster estate, he must have paid the servant who was in charge of the seating arrangement. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been sitting next to each other.

I’m not stupid, but perhaps I’ve been too carefree. I already knew it beforehand, but it seemed that I became too comfortable with his continuous visits. Oh, Hugo… I sighed in my heart. It really wasn’t intentional. I only became complacent because of your kindness. I’m sorry, I won’t forget it from now on.

If it wasn’t necessary to get married and give birth to an heir, this man wouldn’t be too bad. But everything would go downhill the moment he sees me threatening or killing someone; he isn’t a person who can understand that. Few people will understand that in the first place. I know too.

“But being old makes a difference, even in marriage. Some people say that young women are only good for giving birth, but I don’t believe that. I think the essential factor for a successful marriage is how honest you can be with each other,” Hugo said seriously.

Oh, I can’t help but applaud this young man. How great is he? I suppressed a smile and nodded enthusiastically. “That’s right. I think it’s very important for two people to be honest with each other,” I said.



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