Chapter 54.1

I paused. By Ellie, did she mean Princess Eleanor? And Princess Eleanor has  romance with either… Aaron or Ethan. Is that what she meant? If so, I naturally want the Princess to steer clear of my brother so that he can come to his senses. Then, it can only be the other option.

“I’m on Ethan-Ellie side,” I said, slowly.

Penelope beamed. “Aha! I’m so happy to meet you! Not only are you a reincarnator like me, but we also support the same couple,” she nodded happily. “But it hasn’t been easy, right? Ever since I remembered, I worked really hard to find someone I could talk to like this. But I can’t talk about this with the Princess.” Penelope leaned over, and conspiring said, “Besides being a person of royal status, the Princess is the main character! She is not someone I can approach easily.”

My eyebrows shot up slightly. “Do you talk about this with the Princess?” I asked curiously.

Penelope exclaimed and covered her mouth. “You did not know? I thought you would have noticed it after hearing about it during the last royal party – I mean the things the Princess said. That Alice…” she looked at me awkwardly. “Well, that Alice suffered because of Count Thoreau and committed suicide. That Viscount Wishburn was killed and Sir Aaron was going to get revenge. Am I wrong? Or did I hear it wrong? That’s what Hugo said.”

“What did I do?” Hugo came back into the drawing room and looked suspiciously at his sister. Penelope stretched back to her seat and blinked with an innocent expression.

“We were talking about the royal party,” Penelope said. “About the princess’ foresight that was completely wrong.”

“Oh, that…” Hugo slightly frowned. “Alice was right in front of her, so she probably remembers it better than I do.”

Of course, I remember… I nodded slowly. “Yes, she said that Alex and I died because of Count Thoreau and that Aaron killed the Count, but the princess said she would support him because it was a legitimate act. The problem was that neither Alex nor I had died,” I narrated.

As if Penelope’s mouth had a mind of its own, she said, “Seriously… what happened? In the original story – ” she paused. “Uhhh, from what I’ve heard, Viscount Wishburn was badly injured and was not in a position to fight. Sir Aaron also suffered a leg injury. Is it true that Count Thoreau, or his son, barged in? Or was he prevented from coming in?”

I felt surprised. It was true that Alex was injured to the point that he could not fight, and that Aaron also injured his leg, but this was not spread to the masses. At the party, we only talked about my little brother hurting his leg; we didn’t say anything about Alex being hurt. Only a select few people knew. I looked at Hugo.

“Sister, where did you hear that?” Hugo sharply asked with a startled look. Penelope’s face turned red.

“Well, that’s what the princess said… No? Did I hear it wrong?” Penelope said, trying not to stumble on her words.

“What are you talking about? The Princess said that after Viscount Wishburn died, something bad was going to happen to Lady Alice. I couldn’t understand why she would say something like that in front of Viscount Wishburn,” he sighed, then helplessly said, “but who could argue with the Princess?”

Hugo turned to me, smiling. “Of course, Miss Alice is an exception.”

I chuckled. “To my defense, the situation was strange. I thought my father would get furious if it continued. It’s not strange at all if a father loses his temper because some unfounded rumors were spreading about his children, but it was Princess’ debut party. Wouldn’t she remember for life if her one and only debut party was ruined? I would probably feel the same,” I explained.

Anyway, I think I’ve already crossed the line where things could be resolved with the princess. People tend to hold grudges over trivial things, and a debut party is something all boys and girls of Sersaw look forward to.

Furthermore, all the girls who had turned 15 this year would also have a grudge against the princess. Simply because they have to hold a debut party with her. Originally, the debut party, which was supposed to be held around their birthdays, could not be held personally. Instead, they were held together with the princess. Imagine having a birthday party with a celebrity…

My thoughts wandered. I still don’t understand what the novel is about. How am I supposed to hear about it? Should I go to her personally and hear about it? Moreover, is it worth the risk? What’s the difference between a novel and a web-novel?

I know the web, of course. The internet was a place for me to collect and exchange information, do bank transactions, and other necessities. I don’t know much else. I pondered. Does that person know? I think I have no other choice but to ask him.

When Hugo returned, Penelope returned talking about other trivial matters as if she could no longer talk about the earlier topic. Penelope said she had a child two years ago. The girl, now two and a half years old, was being cared for by a nanny. Hugo talked a lot about the child, saying she was adorable. It wasn’t typical of his personality. As Penelope was talking about the child, she suddenly said,

“It was very hard to give birth. As you know, even if you have an expensive therapist… there is still no such thing as a pain reliever. So it really hurt and I bled so badly that I lost consciousness for a while. That’s when I realized several things.” Penelope looked at me with a subtle expression.

Pain reliever… painkillers from the modern world? I wasn’t aware what kind of medicine pregnant women or those in labor were prescribed. After all, I didn’t have much interaction with people in my previous life, much more, a person who had children.

Or is this related to the current world? I am certain there is currently nothing called ‘pain reliever’ in this world. I’ve read almost all the books on plants, and the basic books on pharmacology, so I know that much. The drugs that have pain relieving effects are at the level of an aspirin. Beyond that, there was nothing stronger than opium. And no matter the country, everyone knows that opium isn’t given to pregnant women.



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