Chapter 54.2

In the end, I realized several things… was she still talking about her past life? I wondered if she lived in the same world as mine, or if it was even the same country. But of course, I don’t know about that. I don’t even know if she is from the same time. After all, there was a chance she could be from a different era, right? A more distant future than me… is that where a ‘web novel’ exists? Hmm… web… I’ve heard of webtoon.

I gave up. I was utterly clueless. Penelope looked disappointed when I replied with silence. But when the talk was over and she got up from her seat, she handed me her business card.

“I’m almost always at home, so you can come and see me anytime. If you have anything to say, come anytime,” she offered.

“I will.”

I looked at the business card in my fingers. I had yet to decide whether to see this woman again. There was too much risk and too many unknown variables. It was worth finding about the story of her past life, granted she’s a truly  sane individual. Other than that, I’ve yet to find any other guarantee that talking to her would help me.

“I am sorry for being rude today. Next time, I will let you know in advance if I have company,” Hugo said. They offered their goodbyes.

Come to think of it, I wasn’t able to ask about Ethan Duplo. I grabbed him lightly as he was about to leave. “I wanted to ask you something, what position does your brother have next to Princess? Are you sure he is staying at the palace?” I asked directly.

“Oh, yes, that’s right,” Hugo was startled but soon recovered after my question. “As for the position… I don’t know. At first, I thought he had a… personal relationship with the Princess, but recently I think he’s more of a secretary. Usually, the first few secretaries are chosen from the same gender that have much knowledge and experience to help the princess…”

How curious. Aaron has no official title. The same goes for Ethan Duplo. Then, from the outside, it would appear that the princess had brought her two lovers into the palace. What is the princess even thinking…? I won’t even try to understand anymore. There are things that are impossible to comprehend. To me, the princess is one of them.

“Sir Aaron also went inside the palace too, right?” Hugo softly said, a sorry smile on his face.

I sighed. “Yes, that’s right. He said he was going to become a secretary, but there has been no official announcement, so my family is worried.”

A dark look flashed across Hugo’s face. “Ethan doesn’t even contact us these days. It’s been a long time since he came home.”

Of course, he is also worried about him. Aaron also became somewhat strange, so that worried me. If I was insensible and my past self, I would have broken both of his legs and locked him up in the estate. It’s a worthwhile option to keep him safe. After all, if the princess really does have a child, it won’t be strange. It would be easy to notice whose child it is. However, it didn’t seem like the princess really took my brother and Ethan Duplo with that intention…

‘… are you team Aaron-Ellie or Ethan-Ellie?’ I glanced at Penelope, remembering her words. Is there a chance that it’s not just some crazy nonsense? What if Penelope knows something else from her past life?

“Then excuse me. Until next time, Lady Alice.” Hugo leaned over and I held out my hand. He lightly kissed it with a happy expression and left with Penelope.

I need someone to talk to. And there was only one person to discuss this with.

“Amy, send someone to the Grand Duke of Glouster to find out if he’s there. If not, ask when he comes back. Leave a message saying that I want him to visit me as soon as he arrives,” I urgently said.

“The Grand Duke of Glouster?” Amy’s eyes sparkled. I rolled my eyes.

“Don’t think about anything weird,” I said, frowning. “Let’s see how much you’ve practiced. Come to the training room.”

Amy pouted a little, but smiled nevertheless. Being taught to defend yourself is indeed encouraging. I left Amy behind and headed to the training room first.


The seal on the letter was of The Grand Duke of Glouster, but the insides were too thick. I broke the seal and opened the letter. Sure enough, the inside of the ordinary envelope was full of crude papers. I scattered the papers on the bed, looked at the dates, and put them in order. I started reading the first one.



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