Chapter 56.2

Hugo was the only person who would share such information. Hugo and I spent quite a bit of time talking about Ethan Duplo and Aaron. Compared to Ethan, who doesn’t go home at all, Aaron has been home twice in the past month. I’m not sure if that’s better, after all, during those two visits, he didn’t say much.

No one asked about the princess. There were only simple questions such as how is the job, how is working in the royal palace, and whether they were planning to recruit more secretaries in the future, but all of his answers were sharp. Eventually, the conversations at the dinner table were limited to us, and no one asked Aaron questions.

Whatever the reason for his hostility, it was not a good thing. For our family, an amicable atmosphere at the dinner table is most important. It was something I only learned in this life; no matter if there are fights, conflicts, or one is busy, a family should try to have dinner together. In particular, fathers can be busy with managing their territories or working at the royal palace, and often miss dinner. Therefore, being able to get together to talk about each other’s affairs is one way to build connections in the family.

No matter the world, or even if the food is different, the act of eating together and conversing are still expressions of intimacy. Aaron broke that rule. He did not say anything about himself, he was clipped with his responses and acted secretly. I wondered why he even came home if he was going to act like that, but I didn’t say anything. It was still better than not coming home at all. Though, sooner or later, like Ethan Duplo, I believe my brother will stop coming. Things would go downhill from there.

My hands itched to mercilessly break his legs the next time he comes. Then I would be able to send him to Wishburn Castle by carriage. I have an unexplainable, ominous feeling about the royal palace and the princess, and that it would be better if he stayed away… But there’s a chance he’ll be treated by a doctor and get up again. If I have to go to the extreme, then I could also cut off his legs. But Aaron would have a hard time living. Maybe we could make crutches for him…

As I was ruminating macabre ways to keep my brother in check, I wasn’t able to hear what Amy said. But then, the butler came back.

“He said that he will contact you and come back later,” he said. 

I brushed away my thoughts. “Did he leave?”

“Yes, he did.”

I sighed. How could he leave easily? That guy has no backbone; it used to be like that in the past too. If I didn’t answer the phone or didn’t have time to meet him, he only inquired when I would be available. It’s great to be conscientious. The next time, he should contact me in advance and ask me about my schedule. ‘No matter how many questions I have for you, don’t even think for a second that a sudden visit like this will be okay,’ I envisioned myself saying to him.

There’s no reason for me to get caught up whether he leaves or stays. It is better that he leaves without insisting on seeing me. I don’t know what they heard but there were already three people who asked me if the Grand Duke of Glouster had stopped by to see me. For the sake of my peaceful future, it is imperative not to get entangled with such rumors. 

I started embroidering again. Embroidery was surprisingly a hobby that I liked quite a bit. The feeling of pricking the needle into the fabric was good, and the process of making the pattern with threads was not bad either. Most of all, it was effective in calming my thoughts. These days, I seem to have too many of them. I frowned and looked at a few stitches from before. The threads were lined unevenly. I sighed.

I somehow felt irritated. That man insisted on marrying me. Couldn’t he have placed more effort into seeing me at least once? How can he act so confidently after babbling things like that? Even the idiots who are just after my dowry persistently wrote letters and sent people to visit. What is he compared to them? 

Everything he does only makes my mood sour. This is no good; I’m going to ruin my embroidery like this. I put down the frame and looked at Amy. Amy also raised her head and looked at me, but then, seeing something behind me, she covered her mouth with both her hands in shock. I frowned and looked out the window, just in time as a large figure appeared. I hurriedly slipped my hand through the gap in my skirt. Clutching the handle of the small dagger that was in the scabbard of my leg, I stared at the infuriating man, whom the butler had said was gone, now outside my window. He grinned and lightly waved his hand.

I am now certain that this man is out of his mind. 



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