Chapter 59.1

I knew Aaron had changed, but to stoop so low as to become a Personal Bodyguard as opposed to an advisor, or even a secretary? It didn’t make any sense. He was not that kind of person. Aaron liked to keep his nose buried in books than to engage in physical training as a knight. He used to preach how words were the most powerful weapon. 

“I can’t ascertain anything since I don’t know much about Lord Aaron. But if the Princess doesn’t have a personal bodyguard, then she could have appointed him as one. Having a bodyguard is more urgent than having a secretary,” Leon said.

“But don’t they usually choose someone from the Royal Knights?” Alex asked incredulously. 

Leon swept hair away from his forehead. My heart skipped a beat as my mind involuntarily wandered to how sexy he was able to make that gesture. It should be prohibited by law. 

“Generally, yes… but the Princess never trusted the Royal Knights. She always talked about forming her own security guard and it wouldn’t be unusual to say that she actually did it. The heir to the throne usually creates their own. The Royal Knights protect the whole royal family. Perhaps… the Princess doesn’t trust anyone in the royal palace at all.”

It’s a given that those who are already working in the royal palace would be promoted to fill positions of secretaries or guards. Of course, royals choose their own people to work for them, but they often choose from the nobles they have known since childhood and have stuck with them for a long time.

But the bizarre thing was the Princess took people from the outside like Ethan Duplo and Aaron to keep her as secretaries, as well as have them act as bodyguards. She has willfully ignored everyone who has worked in the royal palace until now. 

Alex answered instead of Leon. “I don’t know what the Princess thinks of her employees, but as far as I know, her reputation isn’t good amongst them. She comes in unannounced and orders them around, then just disappears. She doesn’t tell them how to proceed or where to get the money. When she returns a few days later, she chastises them for not doing anything.”

I shook my head. Even in this world, there were people who didn’t know the importance of money. No one can do anything without money; people need labour fees, and of course working expenses. I would never work unless my client paid me a deposit in advance. It would be foolish to work for free; she understood her employees’ sentiments well.

“The Royal Palace wouldn’t have any budget to fund anything. After the Late King, the financial situation of the palace hasn’t been good. His Majesty lacks… knowledge compared to the Late King, and since the financial officers who had helped the Late King were fired, the current drastic financial situation hasn’t been improved ever since.” Leon pointed out in a calm tone. Alex waved his hand.

“The Princess gives normal orders. They would be glad to complete those tasks, but she doesn’t give them anything to complete them. Some of my friends work in the royal palace and everyone is having quite a hard time.”

For someone who had lived in the royal palace as the heir to the throne all her life, the Princess was lacking in knowledge. For starters, one couldn’t get an administrative position in the royal palace simply by family lineage or title. Of course, the majority of them were nobles, but even they needed to have outstanding abilities to keep their positions. As such, the Royal Staff were competent people whom the Princess trivialised. 

I understand how she took Aaron for his smarts, but to use him as a bodyguard instead of a secretary, as opposed to Ethan Duplo whose head seems to be trapped between his legs… it was a poor choice.

Suddenly, my mind drifted to what the Princess said at the party. She said Alex and I had died, so Aaron had killed Count Thoreau to avenge us. 

Perhaps, It would be best to talk to Penelope Bronson as Leon had said. The wisest and fastest way to navigate the conversation was to tell her I remember my past life but nothing about webnovels. I just hope that she doesn’t clamp her mouth shut after I tell her… I do not want to resort to familiar techniques to get her talking. 

Alex continued to talk about the royal palace, when we heard a gasp from outside the window, followed by Amy’s shout.

“My Lady!! I’ve caught an intruder! My Lady!!!” 

All three of us immediately ran to the window and looked outside. Well, to be exact, I looked down, while Leon and Alex stuck their heads above me. Someone was crouching on the sidewalk, behind the brightly colored footstones. In front of him, Amy was screaming her lungs out with her fists out in a defensive position. Leon let out a sigh.

“I guess we can’t keep my visit here a secret,” he said.

I raised my eyebrows. “Is that Archer?”

“Who’s Archer?” Alex asked. Leon sighed again and just nodded.

“My valet. I asked him to wait there but I don’t know why he’s sitting where everyone can see him. And what’s your maid doing, Miss Alice?”

“I think she has attacked Archer’s organ responsible for producing offspring.” I answered proudly. I had taught her that technique for self-defense. It hasn’t been long since she started training, but she seemed to have applied it well in real life.



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