Chapter 61.1

“This is barely known outside. Only the nobles who are deeply involved in foreign affairs are knowledgeable about it. Tinoque also didn’t try to reveal it, and that’s why the country is closeted . Anyways, the criminal investigation team over there have people with magical power so they look for criminals using that power. No other country has such abilities.”

“What kind of magic do people in Tinoque use?”

Father stared at Alex for a moment and nodded.

“It’s probably better for you to know if you’re going to be involved with the palace more. I was told that Tinoque’s magic uses much higher skill than our healing magic. Even if you give them just a drop of blood or a strand of hair, they can already tell what kind of disease the owner has and that person’s health profile. They can go as far as to determine appearance. The diseases that we currently have trouble curing are fixable by their first class healers. Though, since I haven’t seen it myself, I can’t be sure,” father finished the lengthy explanation. 

Blood and hair…. Were they examining DNA through magic? Moreover, the ability to cure diseases was pretty powerful. Even our royal healer can only heal through magic. Even so, he can only fix ‘wounds’. Diseases were another story. Since I’m not a healer myself, I also don’t know the details. 

“Why won’t they come out of Tinoque? Royals from other countries would pay them a fortune,” I said.

“Of course, they would. But Tinoque is very strict on people with magic. How would the people react if they found out that the magical power of Tinoque people was stronger than those from other countries?”

I pondered. They wouldn’t be pleased at all. People were naturally envious; they covet what they don’t have. When they find out that another country is trying to monopolize on such power, they probably wouldn’t stand down until they had their hands on it. Sick people would sneak inside Tinqoue in droves in search of a miracle. Not to mention there were also rich people capable of doing many things.

“How about the royal family? They are probably eyeing Tinoque’s healers, right?” Alex said.

Father nodded at Alex. “Yes, there are many royals who want that. Tinoque did promise to ‘lend’ the healers if they really needed them. That’s how Tinoque is keeping them silent,” he replied.

I scoffed. There were many meanings behind ‘lend’. Most glaringly of all, even if they messaged Tinoque for a healer, there was no guarantee when they would send one. Perhaps Tinoque may even go as far as to refuse, claiming that they need their healer at that moment in time. There was no way the royals would miss something so blatant. They merely accepted it for the off-chance that a healer might be sent. It was receiving the short end of the stick.

Anyhow, a person with such powerful magic would be able to investigate more efficiently than a normal person. But our country can’t use that method. They had to be on foot and use their brains. 

“Then how do the big cities in our country solve murder cases? Does it all go to the landlord?” I asked curiously.

“Overall, yes. The landlord’s investigator goes to probe and determine probable suspects, summons them, and if the criminal isn’t among them, the case is closed. They can’t afford to waste any more time and must wrap up the case at some point,” Father replied.

I was ignorant of this fact. “Does Wishburn have an investigator, too?” As I asked with my eyes wide open, father smiled.

“There is. But you wouldn’t meet him since he’s busy going everywhere.”

“Is he any good?”

Father seemed to think my question came from fear so he put on a comforting smile and nodded. “He almost solves every case. He gets the criminals most of the time.”

“He is quite successful in making people admit to their crime during investigations after summons. Miles Luka looks quite tough. He fits the job,” Alex added.

It was better than having no one at all. But could a single investigator know every case? Would they even be aware of all the crimes? No one would probably care if someone dies in a slum.

There are definitely problems as to how Sersaw maintains its cities. There were too many slums that weren’t maintained at all. Slums even exist in big cities. It was obvious at some point that if it becomes a much bigger problem, then there was something wrong with how the city is run. 



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