Chapter 61.2

I should study a bit more on that part once we go back. I think it would be an exciting challenge. What if I become a professional? And if Alex becomes the Marquis, then I’ll be in charge of maintaining the city. To think of working instead of being a pest on my brother’s wallet – what an angelic sister I am!

I shelf my plans for the future and focus on the present. In the end, I should have less expectations for the Schway guards or Royal Knights to catch the killer. However, with the criminal on the loose, murders would continue until such time it would result into the entire country spiraling into chaos. It was just as Leon said. 

“I think we should observe the situation for now, but if we feel danger then we must go back to Wishburn.”

I came out of my thoughts as my father said this. “To Wishburn?” I echoed.

“I’m a little sorry to you, Alice… However, if he really wants to marry you, then he would send you a letter or visit you, even if we are in the territory for a few months. You don’t have to be disappointed.” Father gave me an apologetic smile. I shrugged in reply.

“I think it’ll be good to go back.”

I could try all kinds of things more freely, discuss a few more weapons of mine to the castle’s smith. The smith by Schway marketplace didn’t seem to be too pleased that a girl ordered weapons. But Wishburn’s smith was serving the Warwick family, he couldn’t refuse either way. It’ll be fantastic to drag Aaron along as well. He would have a tantrum, but he just might have some sense knocked into him if he was away from the palace.

“We’ll see since we don’t have to decide now. Perhaps the palace knights may show another result,” Mother said so, but even she didn’t seem to believe it. I continued eating, feeling a little relieved but also a bit sad.


She didn’t know where it went wrong.

Eleanor was pacing around the room. She couldn’t find the answer no matter how hard she thought. Why was this happening? Why do events not written in the original story keep happening?

“The problem won’t be solved by anxious pacing, Princess. Please sit.”

Ethan was sitting on a chair. He poured some liquor, his blue eyes were only focused on the bottle. Eleanor glared at him. 

“Stop drinking! It smells,” she said.

“Smells?” Ethan looked at her surprisingly. 

Eleanor nodded, the scowl still present in her face. “Your entire body reeks of alcohol. The entire palace knows how drunk you are. You really don’t know why people don’t want to come near you?”

Ethan looked at the bottle for a moment and put it down, then drank what was in the cup. As Eleanor looked at him exasperatedly, he hurriedly made an excuse.

“I can’t throw away what I’ve already poured.”

Eleanor wanted to pull her hair and scream. What on earth was happening!? Her story should’ve started by now! 

She thought everything would go smoothly after Ethan approached her. It was a good sign that Ethan didn’t like that girl. The female antagonist usually tried their best to get the male lead’s attention, but she heard that the girl was rude to Ethan in her debut party. Ethan said that she was angry that he knew of her secret affair with the Grand Duke.

Ethan was a witness. The girl and the Grand Duke were on the same side for sure. Even when she was at the Glouster’s territory, she didn’t hang out with others. Eleanor didn’t know what kind of evil plan she was plotting, but it was certain that she was allied with him.

She had to let go of the matter at that time, but now that she could think of it, she wondered if the maid’s death was also of their doing. If the Grand Duke had told her to come out into the forest alone, she couldn’t have refused. Then, wouldn’t she be the one killed by wild animals instead?

Ethan said she shouldn’t make accusations since she had no evidence. Still, she was furious. They killed someone but she couldn’t even punish them for it. And now, murderers were rampant in Schway! This world was written like that!  Serial killers were a nightmare from her past life, not this one.

“I don’t understand!”

She finally sat across from Ethan. Ethan spoke, his break stinking of alcohol. “What do you mean?”

“Everything! I don’t understand why it isn’t going the way it should. For a serial killer to exist in this world is weird! This is Sersaw. How did it suddenly turn into this?”

Ethan brushed his hair back. Even if he was drunk, he was very keen with his looks. It seemed like he was using all the allowance he got from her on his appearance. Of course, if anything was left from buying booze.

“Murders happen in big cities quite often. It’s rare that this one is happening to nobles, but it happens quite a lot the lower you climb the ranks. They also don’t get punished,” Ethan said.

“What? Why don’t they get punished?” Eleanor asked.

“That’s because no one catches the culprit.”



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