Chapter 62.2

“If the royals don’t show results that please the nobles, they will try to take the matter into their own hands, Sir Ethan.”

Aaron said coldly. Ethan rubbed his temple while leaning against the chair. Eleanor asked while looking at Aaron.

“Wouldn’t it be better that way? Wouldn’t the murderer be caught faster if with many soldiers?”


Ethan and Aaron both shouted. Eleanor flinched in surprise and the two of them glanced at each other and stopped talking. Eleanor looked at Ethan, who tended to explain things a bit easier.

“The moment nobles catch the murderer, the dignity of the palace will fall. The nobles will show off how they had apprehended evil and will look down on royals. The royals don’t have an accomplishment that can match it so they can’t say anything. Do you want to become a puppet Queen swayed by the nobles?”

Ethan’s words stabbed her. The reason why she loved this web novel was because this girl, Elaenor, who had no power but the title of the king’s successor, became Queen, achieving both power and love. She became a person who could do whatever she wanted; someone who didn’t have to listen to anyone.

‘What would be the point of becoming the queen if I have to follow other people’s words? I have to become a powerful queen. That’s my destiny!’ was what Eleanor thought. She shut her lips and stared at two men. These two men who would remain loyal to her no matter what happened.

“Then what should we do? Do we have to catch the murderer ourselves?”

“That would be the best. However, the chances are slim to none.”

Ethan mumbled while looking away. Aaron frowned while looking down. Eleanor sighed. “Then the palace knights will have to figure this out,” she offerd.

“It may become quiet if there are no more murderers…”

Ethan slurred on his words. He rubbed his chin and stopped talking for a moment. Eleanor tapped on the table, looking at him distastefully. She then looked at Aaron, as Ethan had stopped talking all together.

“Hasn’t it been a while since you’ve gone home?”


Aaron’s face turned slightly pale. Aaron talked about his family quite a bit in the beginning but at some point he stopped. It was better for her that he was being alienated from his family, but she must at least know information about that sister of his.

“How’s your sister?”

Eleanor quickly added. Not for her well-being of course. She was curious as to what kind of schemes she was planning again with the Grand Duke. It’ll be better if she does make a scheme! Then the story would go on the right path.

“Alice…. is well.”

Aaron answered uncomfortably for some reason and rubbed his limping thigh. Eleanor leaned her head.

“It seemed like I didn’t see her at the Glouster territory last time. I was thinking of inviting her for a cup of tea.”


Aaron looked terrified. As if she had just said she was going to get naked and dance in front of the palace. Eleanor blinked. “What’s the matter?” she asked.

“Well, that’s… Uh, so-”

“Sir Aaron is saying that you don’t have to meet someone who doesn’t seem right.. in the head. She also doesn’t seem fond of you. To invite her for tea would be nonsense.”

Ethan spoke rather bluntly. Aaron glared at him. “Alice isn’t rude,” Aaron shot back.

“If she had been properly educated in a noble family, no way she would’ve attacked a man.”

Ethan scoffed. Attacked him? Didn’t he say she was rude to him before? Of course, attacking would fall under that category, but what Ethan experienced was probably more psychological than physical.

Aaron still glared at him. He lifted his chin up and spoke. “If she attacked, you probably did something to provoke her. What did you do?”

“What do you mean….!”

Ethan stood up, looking furious. He was a bit taller than Aaron, but the latter didn’t seem to care, and he stared into his face.

“Alice doesn’t attack anyone blindly. She only goes for someone who deserves it. What did you do to her?”

“I only saw that woman having a secret affair with Grand Duke Glouster! I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time!”

“The Grand Duke Glouster is our relative. A secret affair! How can you say such an absurd thing?”

“She was rubbing a man’s body! How could she have been properly educated? What a joke!”

Aaron’s face turned pale.



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