Chapter 63.1

Ethan looked at Aaron with a crooked smile, as if daring him to speak. “Do you have nothing to say, Sir Aaron Warwick? Why don’t you tell us more about how pure your sister is?” he taunted.

Aaron was flustered. “Why would Alice…. just who…” he stammered, his mind still debating what was true and not.

“Who do you think? She just left me there when the Grand Duke showed up. And when I tried to warn the Grand Duke, she kicked me. As if I would feel pain from such a pitiful kick.”

Unlike his flabbergasted expression a moment ago, there was now a pensive look in Aaron’s face as he looked at Ethan. Ethan didn’t realize the change of atmosphere as he filled his cup and drank it. Aaron waited until he downed his cup and put it down before asking.

“When was this? When did you meet him, Sir Ethan?” he asked.

“At the debut party for the Princess in the palace. She dared not to insult the Princess, but to insult me, a child of the Duke Ayble family. How is she-”

Before Ethan could finish, Aaron bursted into laughter. Eleanor and Ethan looked at him questioningly; they didn’t know why he was laughing. Aaron laughed uproariously, gripping the back of his chair for support. Then after a while, he looked up at Ethan.

“Sir Ethan, it didn’t hurt after getting hit by my sister?” Ethan asked with a slight smile.

Ethan bristled at his jeer. He glared at him. “Are you asking if I was hurt from a mere kick by a woman? Who do you think I am… Even if I didn’t finish knighthood completely…”

Eleanor kept looking between the two, unable to comprehend what was happening. Aaron then smirked. Eleanor’s heart couldn’t help but skip a beat at his smile. ‘Oh my, he looks so good! It’s that expression. The same one that was shown in the illustration in the novel!’ she thought giddily. 

That was the reason why she was rooting for Aaron and loved him. He had the look of a wild beast that couldn’t be tamed. She couldn’t completely imagine it at first, but she was now certain as she looked at it. 

The author must have definitely picked Aaron as the main character…

“I don’t know what your life was like before, but I do know that you’re lying. Stop making things up,” Aaron sneered at him. “It didn’t hurt after getting hit by Alice? There’s no way. She is the type of person who can come into my room at any moment, slit my throat and leave silently. Don’t make light of things.”

“Light of things?! You think I’m making stuff up when I say she grabbed my m*nhood, twisted it and called me trash? How dare-”

Ethan immediately clamped his mouth shut. Aaron smiled coldly, turned to the Princess and bowed. Eleanor only came back to her senses at Aaron’s last words. She quickly stopped him before he could leave.

“What did you just say? Slit your throat? What do you mean by that?” she asked him apprehensively. 

“It’s not something I should be telling you. Only that what Sir Ethan told you was a lie,” Aaron bluntly said.

Without waiting for a reply, Aaron went towards the door. The maids that were at the edge quickly dispersed as he approached. Strangely, he seemed to be limping a bit less. After watching him leave, Eleanor looked at Ethan.

“Tell me the truth. What did that woman do?” she asked.

Ethan clenched and unclenched his fist. His ears were completely red. In a low voice, he answered, “She….” trembling hand gestured towards his lower body, “grabbed my thing. It was horrifying!”

Eleanor indeed had a horrified expression on her face. ‘She ‘grabbed’ a man’s private area?’ Eleanor couldn’t even imagine how scandalous it was. 

“Did she seduce you?” she asked.

Ethan looked at her. His blue eyes looked at her for a few seconds before he wavered and glanced back down. His face was downcast. “No… I’m the one who seduced her,” he admitted.

‘What!’ If not for Ethan’s gloomy expression, she would have screamed. He continued on, lamenting, 

“I thought she would be ignorant, after all she only just debuted. I didn’t think she’d know about reputation. But she knew that I was the second child of the Duke and that my father didn’t acknowledge me. She scoffed at me and called me trash. Even went on to laugh and say that I’m only useful as a mistress and then she grabbed me. I-I was ashamed. But I couldn’t touch her. I couldn’t even push her.”

He sighed, brushed his hair back and looked out the window.



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