Chapter 63.2

“I’m nothing compared to the Grand Duke. He is next in line to succeed after you. Just as you said, that woman must be aiming to become queen.”

Eleanor bit her lower lip. She was unsettled that she was after the throne, but the fact that she looked down on Ethan made him despondent like this made her blood boil.

‘How dare she! A random character that should have died treated the main character like this? And a mistress? There’s no way Ethan would fall for someone like you!’ 

Eleanor stood up, went to Ethan and tenderly covered his cheek with her hand. He slowly looked at her.

“Ethan, you’re not a worthless person…” she said, “Don’t listen to her at all. I already know how great and amazing of a person you’ll become. I told you. The story is already set. Everything will naturally fall into its rightful course. You’re going to be my best attendee, and you’ll be my minister once I take the throne. I already know the ending.”

“Am I really going to be that great of a person in the future you saw? Do I take that place using my own talent?”

Ethan asked gingerly, like a child. Eleanor smiled and nodded.

“Mhm-hm!  You have great talent. Remember, you and Aaron will be by my side, and once I take the throne, Sersaw will become peaceful.”

She didn’t bother saying that the ‘future’ she saw was a novel she read in her prior life, and that some parts of it had already changed… Some of the events she had said before had come true, but Ethan and Aaron didn’t believe she would completely know the future. So, when things didn’t happen the way it was supposed to sometimes, they merely consoled her. This was good for Eleanor.

Still, she was hoping everything she said would come true… and that she wasn’t confused with the timeline and events. She needed to be firm in believing that the future she knows would happen the way it’s supposed to.

Ethan smiled a little. His hand snaked around her waist as he pulled her closer to him. She could feel his heat. Eleanor’s heart started beating.

She had never dated in her previous life. Everyone else was dating at school, their tutors, through the internet and everywhere else, but she couldn’t. Even though she was quite popular before. Her mom was always onto her and kept tabs on her cell phone. 

But everything was different now. 

Eleanor gulped as she felt Ethan’s handsome face come towards her. She knew that he was going to kiss her. Honestly, she wanted him a little. She wanted to know what a kiss felt like in real life, not just read it from a web novel. As his lips almost grazed hers, she remembered something important.

I wanted my first kiss to be with Aaron!

Thinking about Aaron’s personality, he wouldn’t easily kiss her when she was princess. His fans were pained by this as well. Ethan, whose personality was much simpler than Aaron’s, kept showing the princess affection and even kissed her a few times, but Aaron only came close and kept everyone on their toes.

But almost at the end, right before a grand battle, Aaron finally confessed his love and kissed the Princess. His fans shed tears of joy and even said they could finally die happily at this scene. In the novel, the princess kissed Ethan first and many times after that, but the Aaron’s held greater impact. Thinking about that, she felt like she could hold on for now. She was a true fan of Aaron.

Eleanor quickly stopped Ethan’s lips with her hand. Ethan’s eyes widened a little.

“I don’t think this is the best for our relationship. We also have an important problem…” she said.

Ethan’s eyes squinted a little and his blue eyes flashed, but Eleanor didn’t think much of it and tried to step back. She could feel a bit of force from Ethan’s hands. Eleanor’s eyes widened and looked at him. Was he not going to let her go?

No… Ethan wasn’t like that. She didn’t know how he treated other women, but Ethan was respectful to her. Even though it was a bit different from the original novel, she was certain of that. As expected, Ethan let her go, smiling awkwardly.

“I’m sorry. I think I was being rude.”

Eleanor smiled brightly. It didn’t matter what Ethan did to other women. To her, Ethan was a gentleman and a smart future minister. And she had something to discuss with said minister.

“I think I have to investigate a little more about Count Thoreau.”



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