Chapter 64.1

Ethan didn’t show any reaction to Eleanor’s quick change in subject. He looked blank as if he didn’t hear anything she said. He shook his head and looked at her again.

“Pardon?” he asked.

“Count Thoreau. That’s where it all started to go wrong,” Eleanor replied.

Ethan frowned, stayed silent for a few seconds and spoke. “Are you trying to remind me that I drink too much? If so-”

“What? What are you talking about?”

Eleanor looked bewildered. Ethan was a little annoyed and opened his hands. “I thought Count Thoreau died drowning in bathwater from being too drunk?”

Ethan’s annoyance irked Elanor, but she decided to let it pass as she thought there was something bothering him too. Perhaps she was complaining too much about alcohol and he was sensitive. Nevertheless, she couldn’t deal with the smell at that moment. She couldn’t place a finger on why she detested the smell.

She was on the brink of remembering but the idea completely escaped her mind. She thought it wasn’t that important and said, “I know, but I’m still suspicious. Originally that woman was supposed to die there. She didn’t. But the Count did? Isn’t that a little weird?”

Ethan seemed to finally realize that she wasn’t trying to attack him so he started thinking. Then he frowned and looked at her.

“What Sir Aaron said just earlier, what do you think he meant by saying she could slit his throat in his sleep and disappear?” he asked.

“I know! I also don’t know what he meant…” Eleanor exclaimed in frustration.

‘Perhaps…’ Eleanor squinted her eyes, remembering her past – the bullies in school. Thankfully she was never the victim, but she remembered they would pick someone and bully them. She thought that they would even go as far as to kill the victim. No, they were the type of people who would laugh about it after killing them.

‘Could that girl be a reincarnation of one of them?’ That could happen. Even bullies enjoyed web novel and web toon like normal people. Then it would make sense why that girl was after the seat of the queen. Those bullies couldn’t stand not being noticed.

Yes.. it seemed to make more sense to Eleanor. If it was someone like that, even if she was kidnapped by Count Thoreau, wouldn’t she be able to kill that man and act natural even after it?

“Anyways… I think Marquis Wishburn is making it up. I think he might have been murdered. No one saw the corpse. Who knows?” Eleanor shrugged.

“That’s true.”

Ethan slowly nodded, convinced. He looked at her. “I’ll send someone to look into it. I’ll bring any evidence. We might be able to tie the entire Warwick family into it,” he said.

Eleanor frowned. “I’m not going to criticize the entire Warwick family. I need them on my side. I just need that girl gone.”

To be specific, she needed Aaron to be on her side. She wanted everything else to be the same as the original. Then the whole family wouldn’t be this much of a headache.

‘I wish everyone is all gone. I just need Aaron.’ Eleanor thought.

If this went the way she wanted, then she might at least get rid of that girl. Perhaps, Aaron might even be touched if she showed mercy by not killing the girl, but only putting her into prison. But if Aaron wanted it… she could execute her.

Eleanor smiled and touched Ethan’s arm. “Bring the evidence. Then… what we wish for will come true,” she said.

Ethan smiled. His blue eyes shined brightly. Eleanor was relieved, certain that Ethan would bring the evidence she wanted.


The entire Theresa division was full of personal bodyguards. The number of people going around were reduced, especially women. I thought it would come back to normal after some time, but this cautiousness showed the shock that people felt when a murder happened against the upper classes.

Even I was not exempted. I couldn’t leave the house without any guards with me, so I had no choice but to bring them along. I also had to take the carriage that my father altered (of course, he didn’t do it himself.)

My agenda for today was to visit Penelope Bronson. The murder is another problem, and I also have other problems to solve myself. I don’t know how credible Penelope’s story is but I have to find out. The Grand Duke also said it would be the best course of action.

While the carriage was moving, I glanced at the guard assigned to me. He looked to be in his thirties with a thin face, but I could tell by his movement that he had basic soldier training. I talked to him.

“Where were you trained?” The man looked confused. I pointed my chin at him. “Yes, you,” I repeated.



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