Chapter 66.2

Penelope looked at me seriously. “We all die within this year in the novel…” She then continued speaking.

She said the web novel was about ‘the birth of a queen’. The story of how Princess Eleanor got on the throne and became the true queen. She was the protagonist. Moreover, the princess gets on the throne at 15 years of age without any preparation… It was because Inverus III suddenly passed.

Not just Inverus III, but many nobles who were staying in Schway were murdered; the city almost completely burned down. The rebellion that started at the underground district started to spread and they were up against the royals and the nobles.

Penelope and Hugo also die. Ethan helped the princess and tried to calm the nation.

It didn’t fit the image of the Ethan Duplo I know, but I shelved that thought for now. The most crucial part was that my parents will also die. And that Aaron will aid the princess as the captain of the princess’s guards.

“I’m not supposed to be part of that, right?”

I spoke comfortably, as it was hard to keep it formal anymore. Fortunately, Penelope didn’t seem to care.

“Yes. The son of Count Thoreau invaded the castle to kill the first son. Aaron hurt his leg and Alice is kidnapped. Alice was dragged to the Count’s castle… something terrible happened to her and she took her own life by jumping off the castle.”

The future that would’ve occurred if I didn’t remember that moment. It was the story that the princess blabbered about in the palace party.

“But I didn’t die…. So what happens now?” I say.

“I don’t know… That’s why I wanted to talk to you. The story changed. How did that happen? I thought you knew the story so that’s how you stopped Count Thoreau.”

I felt conflicted on what to say.

“I learned some martial arts in my previous life… So when the Count’s son attacked us, I was able to hold him off for a bit. That’s why my brothers were hurt a bit less and we were able to catch the Count’s son.

“I see! It’s all thanks to your experience in past life.”

Penelope clapped in joy. I smiled and nodded. Well, it’s somehow similar.

“Then do you think I can also survive since I have my previous life’s memory? I don’t want to die as Claire is here…”

Penelope’s face got sullen. I thought for a moment and asked.

“But I survived. Do you think the rebellion would happen?”

“The murder that happened in the Theresa division. It happened in the novel.”

My eyes widened a little. That story was in the novel? I was still in disbelief, but hearing Penelope confirm this made me become less skeptical of her story. If the murder was written on the novel, perhaps it would also show that I’m trying to solve it.

“Who is the culprit in the book?”

“It’s not a book… actually, the murder only popped up for a bit. Ethan mentioned that the cause of the rebellion was due to the murder of noble in Schway.”

“So who?”

Penelope shook her head as I rushed her.

“I don’t know. In the novel, the rebellion already happened and the city was a mess so it didn’t become important to find out who did it.”

I bit my lips. Was Leon’s prediction about the rebellion going to come true then? ‘This murderer kills the nobles, invades the palace… and the whole nation burns…’ I couldn’t let that happen.

“In the book, no, in the novel, did the princess become a good queen?”

I asked. Penelope nodded.

“Yes, she calms the nation. This is the first part.”

“First part?!”

Penelope giggled as she saw my face.

“It’s the birth of the queen, right? The first part is about calming the nation and establishing her authority. The romance hadn’t progressed yet so they naturally can’t end the novel there.”

“Then what happens next?” I stared at her intently, feeling a bit impatient.

“Uh… I don’t know.”

As I continued staring at her, Penelope finally sighed and answered. “I died before the second part came out.”

Ah… I can’t blame her for that.



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