Chapter 67.2

Family. That’s what I want to protect, too. If there truly is a riot in Schway and my mother and father are in danger, I’ll be okay with killing every single person who participated. What’s so hard about killing people I don’t even know? It’s not even hard to kill people you do know.

And unlike in the novel, where no one is there to protect Mother and Father, Alex and I are here now. So the outcome will be completely different.

Aaron is the problem… No, wait. Wait a minute.

If Leon is the antagonist, he doesn’t have to do the things that will make him an antagonist. If there’s no antagonist, there’s no reason for the story to unfold in that way. The Princess will just become the Queen, and that’s the end. She can do whatever she wants to calm the nation, and we can all just go back to our estate and live quietly. My parents also didn’t care about the Princess, so they wouldn’t oppose if I suggested we cut ourselves off from politics and take care of our estate.

“So wouldn’t it solve everything as long as Grand Duke Gloucester is no longer the antagonist?” I asked.

Penelope’s eyes widened. “How could we do that?”

“We’ll figure that out later. But as long as the antagonist disappears, the story doesn’t have to unfold in that way, right? The Princess will just take the throne when the riot was supposed to happen, and wouldn’t the Queen’s authority be established once the nobles supported the Princess?”

Penelope was quiet for a moment, thinking as she held the child. “I don’t know. The reason the Queen’s authority didn’t become established after Eleanor took the throne was because of the Grand Duke causing all the trouble, but it was also because she was young and didn’t have any achievements to show. The nobles couldn’t trust the young Princess. That’s also why they supported the Grand Duke.”

“But if the Grand Duke has no intention of taking the throne, wouldn’t that also be solved?” I asked.

“The Grand Duke is not interested in the throne? Really? Is that true?” Penelope asked, a skeptical look on her face.

I nodded. I may not know much, but I know that man has zero intention of taking the throne. ‘No, just don’t be interested!’ He might try to drag me into it and make me his queen! Never!

“Then I think the story may change a little… but I don’t know. I don’t know much about politics. I also don’t know how the story will unfold if it’s not the same as the original,” Penelope said.

The child seemed to be finished examining me and started to doze off, her thumb slowly slipping out of her mouth. Penelope smiled warmly at the child.

A child is a mystery to me, but a mother is just as mysterious. Just like how my own mother was a wonder to me, Penelope also seemed like a different being. It was almost magical how someone could look at another person with so much love.

Some people love their children that much, while others consider their children to be a burden. How does one account for that difference?

I wonder what would have happened if I had remembered my past life like Penelope, where I was married and had a child. How would I feel? Could I love that child that much? If not, where would the love I originally felt disappear to? Or would I have had a child without the ability to love in the first place?

Perhaps Leon might have some insights. I think it’s a suitable question for someone who keeps disappearing without a word.

“Ah, and I don’t know much about the palace, and since Ethan went to the Princess, he hasn’t come home, so I don’t have anyone else to ask. I don’t know if that person also appeared,” Penelope said.

“That person?” I asked, looking at her quizzically.

Penelope’s eyes twinkled as she nodded. “There are actually three main male characters in the novel. His popularity was way lower than the other two, though.”

“Huh?” I said, still confused.

Penelope smiled and looked at me. “A male main character. Another candidate.”

“There’s another man?” I asked, surprised.

What kind of story has so many men with only one female lead? That seems like too much work. Penelope chuckled quietly this time. It seemed like she would have laughed louder if it was just the two of them, but I think she was being careful because of the sleeping child.

“Romance is a big part of romance fantasy. A woman loved by all… I think that was everyone’s dream at one point,” she said.

I was uncertain. To be loved by all… is something I couldn’t imagine. But it seems that some women prefer these polygamous relationships.



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