Chapter 70.2

Mayve smiled slightly. Her expression showed confidence and pride.

“Of course. However, these days, it’s mostly about how the nobles demand too much from the royal family. They are exaggerating because of the murder of a commoner who had a bit of money. The victim wasn’t even a real noble. And also…”

Mayve’s eyes briefly glanced at Leon before looking down.

“And they also said something about your presence in Schway.”

“What did he say?”

I intervened, anger on my tongue. What is he talking about? What kind of king sends assassins to his brother? What’s wrong with this man staying in Schway for a while? Does he need the royal family’s permission to stay in Schway? He just needs a permit for city transit!

“His Majesty thinks… the Duke Glouster has been in Schway for too long. His Majesty promised not to allow it.”

Mayve’s voice was small, unlike when she talked about other things. I’m not sure if it’s because of the tone of my voice or what she was about to say. Whatever it was, it’s clear that she doesn’t want to look me in the eye.

“That isn’t the end of it, is it?”

At Leon’s subtle urging, Mayve swallowed hard and continued to mumble with her gaze still lowered.

“They say the murder incident was caused by Duke Glouster…”

What absurdity was this? At this point, I’m so bewildered that I can’t even speak. What on earth is this foolish king thinking? How could Leon do such a thing? Does he secretly like killing people or does he want to show off his skills?

The culprit has everything. If he’s a nobleman as the palace speculates, then other nobles are probably shaking in so much fear. If he reveals himself to increase his notoriety…

“Rather, the Duke didn’t commit murder…” Mayve continued, shifting from one foot to another nervously. “but rather, according to the Princess, it’s a plan to drive a wedge between the royal family and the nobles.”

“Was anyone else present besides the Princess?”

“No, no one else was there. His Majesty had everyone else leave.”

It seems that the maids and servants were not there to witness anything. Especially if the discussion is confidential… Perhaps Leon’s statement about CCTV isn’t entirely wrong.

“Did His Majesty say anything else?”

“He only said that we needed to find a way to satisfy the demands of the nobles.”

“And what about the Princess?”

I intervened again. Mayve lowered her gaze in surprise and muttered, “The princess said she didn’t know why this happened.”

“She didn’t know?” I frowned. If I remember correctly, Penelope said that this murder case was the beginning of a rebellion.

“Did she really say that?” I asked skeptically. Mayve finally glanced at me and firmly nodded.

“Yes, that’s what she said. She said it wasn’t going as planned.”

That’s strange…

If the princess doesn’t recall her memories like Penelope, then it’s possible. Or maybe the princess has some connection to the murder as the mastermind, and it may have nothing to do with her past life.

However, based on the palace party, the second possibility was unlikely. It;s clear that she remembers her past life and the novel’s story. Perhaps she had forgotten the part about the murder in the novel or, as Penelope said, the novel’s portion on the murder was brief, and so she didn’t know the culprit.

From the princess’s perspective, the murder should be a good thing. As a result of the murder, riots would break out, and then she would ascend the throne. However, it was uncertain if the princess desires to be on the throne. Perhaps the king’s consort hopes for a long and healthy life for him. Thus, the princess may want to prevent this murder.

There are too many uncertain parts.

Leon glanced at me briefly before looking at Mayve and nodding his head.

“Thanks for your hard work. The carriage will be waiting downstairs. You can stop by the market or go straight home, the driver will take you wherever you want and bring you home.”

Mayve quickly grabbed the money pouch that was on the table. Money certainly makes people talkative.

“I hope I can see you again on your next vacation.”

Leon said, smiling Mayve flinched, bowed her head, and walked to the door with a hunched back. The servant opened the door and they quietly left together.

Outside, the sound of footsteps gradually faded away. Through the thin walls, I could hear coughing, talking, and other sounds coming from all over. Did they hear our conversation too? I looked at Leon, lowered my voice and spoke.

“Don’t threaten people with a smile like that. You look like a really dangerous person.”

“I’m a righteous person.”

He spread his arms and, as usual, said an outrageous thing. I snorted and frowned.

“I just met Penelope Bronson.”

“Ah, the person who mentioned the story?”

I nodded my head. He still had an amused expression. But as I started telling him what I knew, the amused look gradually disappeared, and he became more serious.

“…So, it seems like preventing the murder case is an urgent matter. There’s no guarantee that there won’t be a riot even if we prevent it now, but since it’s the main cause of the riot, we should stop it first.”

“Does the princess also know about this novel?”

He asked with a slightly sharp tone. I frowned and put a finger on my lips. This man seems to forget how thin the walls are.

“I think so. First, there was a story about the incident that happened at the palace party, and second, I think the reason why the family hates you is because of that novel. It’s about a rebel, isn’t it? You haven’t actually done anything like that… have you?”

“Twisting the truth is a natural thing to do with a crime. You can even fabricate evidence. My brother has especially hated me since the day I was born.”



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