Chapter 71.2

Leon stood up, and I followed suit.

“I’m curious, where are we exactly and who owns this building? Is it a property of the City Management Department?” I inquired.

The City Management Department often owns and manages buildings where lower-class individuals and commoners reside, and these individuals pay rent monthly. These types of houses serve as one of the city’s primary revenue sources.

Naturally, wealthy commoners or nobles might also build and rent out buildings, which are more opulent than those owned by the City Management Department, and their rent is more costly.

Given that this house does not appear to be very luxurious, it is probable that the City Management Department owns it. However, I am skeptical about how this man acquired knowledge about this room in a place like this.

“I occasionally use the empty room because it belongs to someone I know,” Leon answered.

“That sounds convenient,” I remarked, wishing I had something like that for myself – a secret place to experiment, store books I didn’t want anyone to see, and keep comfortable clothing and weapons.

“When I return to Wishburn, maybe I’ll convince Alex to construct a cabin with me in some obscure corner. He can utilize it for his secret meetings with women, and I can use it for other purposes. That would be nice. Everyone needs a secret place,” I mused.

“As for your niece, what are you going to do about her?” I inquired directly as we descended the stairs and made our way through the hallway. Leon shrugged.

“At the moment, I don’t see a way to do anything about it. I’ll just concentrate on surviving and enjoying a happy future.”

“What exactly does your niece want?”

“If she knows the story’s plot line, she most likely wants it to continue as it is,” Leon replied. “That’s why she’s so fixated on Lo (Aaron). She wants to keep him by her side, and if the story goes on as planned, their relationship will come to fruition.”

“So ultimately, it’s a love story,” I commented, scrunching up my nose. Leon chuckled.

“Who was it that told me to try romantic gestures?” he reminded me.

“Trying to manipulate someone into falling in love with you and letting a story play out naturally are two different things, aren’t they? It’s almost like brainwashing,” I reasoned. As I spoke, I realized it made sense. Aaron appeared to be brainwashed. Suddenly, I turned to Leon.

“If this is the whole story, will it really progress the way it’s supposed to?”

He raised his eyebrows as a servant opened the carriage door for us. Once we were comfortably seated, he replied, “The story has already been altered by the fact that you didn’t die.”

“Of course, there’s a possibility that things will change,” I conceded. “But if something changes, do you think everything else will continue according to the original story?”

“Are you implying that I’ll become the villain?” Leon raised an eyebrow, and I rolled my eyes.

“That’s another part that’s already changed. I’m referring to everyone else, the ones who haven’t changed, like my brother. When I observe him acting strange these days, I can’t help but wonder if the predetermined story is influencing him.”

As the carriage rattled along, Leon remained lost in thought, resting his chin on his hand.

“She is envisioning the murder case escalating and the entire country in chaos. If you believe that’s a riot…” he trailed off.

“Perspective changes the story. To the princess, it may be a tale of her rise to power, defeating the antagonist, quelling the chaos, and stabilizing the kingdom. To the villain, it may be a chronicle of an inept monarch repressing the populace and destroying the nation.”

Leon gazed at me with admiration in his eyes, but I frowned in response.

“I’m currently a nobleman’s daughter. I had a superior education.”

“I don’t doubt that. However, not everyone can analyze this situation just because they’ve had an excellent education. To be frank, I never even considered it.”

His praise was flattering, but I tried to remain level-headed.

“My brother’s behavior is getting stranger every day. If he continues like this, I’m considering cutting off his legs and confining him to a province.”

“That’s also a brilliant plan. It’s like taking a weapon from the princess’s side.”

“Please don’t refer to other people’s siblings as weapons.” I glared at him, but he remained deep in thought.

“Everything will proceed as the story unfolds… In the end, there will be a revolt, the king will perish, and the princess will be crowned queen?”

“If no one intervenes, it could transpire that way.”

The thought of it is distressing. A riot is undesirable, and it’s unsettling to imagine the princess ascending to the throne under such circumstances. I want to give up.

“Our top priority should be solving the murder case,” Leon suggested.

“I already said that.” I grumbled, but he chuckled.

“Then let’s make that our primary objective. We can focus on our romance afterward.”

“Why are you bringing that up now…?”

I exhaled a long breath, but he paid no attention and merely grinned.

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